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6 Best Ways to sell Custom Cakes, Cupcakes for Home Bakers

If you are a complete social media lover, you may have seen various ‘home bakers’ with the utmost precision and creativity skills. There are more than 1,00,000 home bakers in India itself. 

After a lot of pondering, you may also have realized that your passion lies in baking custom cakes, cupcakes and selling them online too. 

However, a few questions may pop up in your mind regarding how to do it, and how can you make a profession out of a passion? Well, do not worry because we have got you covered. 

So, let’s bake away your stress with this blog post!

What is Home baking?

As the name suggests, ‘home baking’ is a type of baking business that involves baking from home rather than having a proper bakery set up. 

Many women and men have given up on their other businesses and have started their own home baking business

Let me give you an example of a famous home baker based in Delhi, India. Nikki Arora, a well-known home baker and the owner of ‘L’Amour Sugar’ started her home baking business around three years back. Now, she is one of the most preferred home bakers amongst many others.

So how can you become one of those renowned home bakers with your customizations while also keeping the originality of your bakery products intact?

How to Highlight Your Custom Cakes, Cupcakes to make a place in the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways.

  1. Be Unique

The very first way to stand out as a home baker is to ‘be unique’. There is no doubt that you have baking skills but there are a lot of Home bakers who do as well. So, you should ask yourself – ‘How am I different from them?’ and whatever first comes to your mind is the answer. 

Being unique does not necessarily mean being unique in your baking. There are numerous things you could be unique at. It could be anything like your marketing strategies, photography, or uniqueness in cake flavors and designs.

For example: In the above pictures, the home bakers have used colour themes and background to make their cakes stand out. The brown cake depicts darker tones. On the other hand, the blueberry cheesecake stands out with its popping colours that can catch the user’s attention. 

This uniqueness can help you stand out as a home baker amongst all the others. 

  1. Choose Your Specialty

You should offer your customers a wide variety of products. However, you can easily win their hearts with only one type of dish!

There are many home bakers out there who have specialized in one type of dish. If you’re a pro at winning hearts through your mouth-watering cupcakes, bring out a variety of flavors for your customers. If you’re good at baking brownies, highlight that exclusively.


I came across a brownie-cookie home baker(@brownieck_bynest) that specializes exclusively in brownie cookies. Believe it or not, she has already gained 4k followers and made her place on Instagram.  

If you just wish to sell cakes, experiment with different types and find the one that suits your baking style the best. It could be fruit cakes, marble cakes, or even tea cakes. 

  1. Know Your Customers

The basic rule of business is knowing your customers. Be it professional or home-based business, you should know about the preferences of your customers. 

A common example would be opening a French restaurant in a locality full of people who have no idea about it. I’m not saying you should not experiment with your cakes but you should also focus on the best-selling items in your locality. 

So, if you’re deciding to sell only Dulce de Leche brownies, we suggest giving your customers an option of plain chocolate chips brownies too. 

  1. Understand the Price Range

Even if you’re the best home baker in the town but your prices are way above the standard price, there are chances the customers may go for cheaper options. 

This is where the understanding of the price range comes in. If you’re facing troubles in getting customers, review your prices. Compare them with other home bakers and if you find a vast difference, you have your answer. 

The best way to gain profit along with customers is by having bake sales. Conduct bake sales of brownies, tarts, cheesecakes, or any other bakery item you offer, every weekend. 

You can easily do so by running promotional campaigns on your website!

For cakes, allow customizations or special flavours for additional rates. 

  1. Make Marketing Your Weapon

The best way to stand out as a home baker is to keep on marketing. When I visit the pages of home bakers, apart from creative products, I also look out for creative marketing tactics. 

Some of the ideas I loved are:

  • Collaborate with a restaurant for selling your products. 
  • Conduct giveaways for your active customers and encourage new customers. A home baker (@_littlebakers) came ahead with the idea of raising money for Yemen by conducting a bake sale. 


  • Choose new customers randomly and call them for cake-tasting whenever you try any new flavour. 
  • Take suggestions or conduct polls for your customers through social media regarding what they’d like to try. 
  • And the best thing? Let your customers get acquainted with your style. Conduct bakery workshops at minimal costs or post some of your easy recipes on social media. 
  1. Create Brand Awareness

The most important way to stand out as a home baker is to make and prove your place in the home baking business

Now, how can you do that when you’re simply a beginner? Let’s take a look at some of the easiest steps.

  • Create an account on every social media

You can make your potential customers aware of your services by engaging with them through social media. The best platforms for home bakers are Instagram and Facebook.

However, consider making accounts on other sites too like Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

  • Consider an in-house ordering facility

In the world of contactless, third-party apps like Swiggy and Zomato may seem like the best option but they come with their own set of commissions and costs. 

The best way to avoid it is by going for your baking and ordering website. You can sell your custom cakes, cupcakes and pastries to your customers easily.

Grubly can assist you by providing you services like – free online ordering website, digital payment options, a digital QR-based menu, and many more such facilities exclusively for you. 

  • Join home baker communities and groups


There are many home baker communities and groups available on Facebook like ‘Home Bakers & Chef India’ and Instagram. Consider joining them and establish relations. You can also get to stay updated about the newest trends in home baking.!


So here’s a piece of our cake mind, give some time to your bakery business. Let your contacts know about your services, stay active on social media, put on your chef apron, and do not let your spirits down!

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