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Best 25 ways to improve Restaurant’s Delivery Services

Complete guide on how to step up your delivery game.

Before a few months, things for the restaurant industry were easy-going. There was no need for sanitizing everything after each customer. The main focus was on increasing the customer base and improving your dishes.

However, times have changed. We have gone from being fully connected to being socially disconnected (digitally connected). Digital alternatives like QR-based menus, online ordering systems, and the latest technologies are the major saviours for restaurant industries presently.

Did you know that Cafe Coffee Day created a special ‘virtual kitchen’ for a better online ordering facility?

So now, how can you ‘step up your delivery game’ to improve you and your customer’s online ordering experience? Well, worry not. We have got you all covered with 25 excellent ways to improve your restaurant’s delivery services

Why do you need to improve your delivery and takeout services?

Before we dive into the main solution, understand why you need to improve your delivery and takeout services in the times of COVID-19. Let’s take a look at all the reasons.

Increased competition

There is absolutely no doubt that only the best can survive in this pandemic. This requires you to become efficient and quick to make a place in your customer’s heart and stomach!

Improved sales

Many restaurants have developed their online ordering system. However, there are only a handful of them with the best services. Customers are attracted to restaurants with an effective delivery service.

So, if you improve your delivery services, you can definitely improve your profit margin and sales.

Increased marketing

A well-planned delivery strategy can help you in marketing too. If you can convince your customers with a good delivery service, they can help you with mouth publicity. You can also score brownie points for your quick services.

Additionally, excellent customer reviews on various food platforms can increase your marketing. 

Loyal customer base

A good delivery service equals a satisfied customer. If you improve your delivery services, you are bound to get customers. These customers will consider your restaurant as one of the finest. 

Thus, you can establish relations with your customers and build a loyal customer base.

25 Ways to Improve Your Delivery and Takeout Services

From choosing an efficient POS online ordering software to keeping a selective range of items, there are various ways you can improve and enhance your online ordering or takeout services.

Let’s take a look at how you can do it.

  1. Pack the customer’s parcel properly to not let the food cool down till it reaches the customers.
  1. Think of alternatives to keep the food warm and fresh.
  1. Highlight those dishes on your menu that can remain fresh even when it reaches the customers’ place. 
  1. Choose packaging utensils that can accommodate all the food. Additionally, make sure the parcels are easy to open and organize.
  1. Include your restaurant’s card in the parcel box. This can help your customers to reach out if they face any inconvenience.
  1. Keep note of all the orders and track them to ensure quick and convenient delivery.
  1. Double-check all the parcels to make sure you have sent all the dishes.
  1. Include an ‘any other requirements’ section to know what your customer wants.
  1. If possible, let the customers know the name of the person taking their order to ensure a confusion-free system.
  1.  Along with the dishes, add extra packs of sauces, ketchup, and salads.
  1.  Try not to raise a lot of expectations and be unable to fulfill them. Just stay humble and try your best to make your customers happy.
  1.  Ask your customers if they received the order on time or not.
  1.  Offer your customers with loyalty programs and additional benefits for ordering online from your restaurant.
  1.  In the wake of COVID-19, use maximum hygienic measures to ensure you, your employee’s and customer’s safety.
  1.  Offer discounts and deals on different orders to attract customers.
  1.  Take feedback from all your customers. Feedback is necessary to improve your services and keep your customers happy.
  1.  Let people know about your services through social media marketing or advertising.
  1.  Research and review. It is important to know the best-selling dishes and reduce additional costs. 
  1.  Create an attractive menu featuring the best dishes, seasonal specials, discounted dishes, and offers to gain customers. 
  1.  Communicate and coordinate with your restaurant team to ensure proper management and reduce any mishaps.
  1.  Pay proper attention to the presentation. If the food inside the parcel looks messy and untidy, it can create a wrong impression. 
  1.  Ensure regularity. Delay in food delivery can affect your restaurant’s sales.
  1.  Do not compromise on your food’s quality to cut delivery costs. This will not help you in getting a loyal customer base.
  1.  Communicate with employees involved in delivery or takeout services. Ask them if they are facing any issue. If they do, resolve it as quickly as possible.
  1.  Store details of every customer to let them know about the newest dishes and offers in town!


The above ways can give you a push to enhance your delivery services. Delivery services can either boost up your sales or your expenses. However, the journey ahead is dependent on how you tackle all the problems and manage your delivery expenses. 

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