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Cake Bakers – Help Your Customers to Order Cake, Pastry Online

How easily customers can order cake, pastries, cookies online with your online ordering service.

Being a bakery lover, I am always enthusiastic to know more about the best bakers in town. Through Instagram and Facebook, I came across the term ‘home bakers’. I was unsure about what it was and how it works, seeing the latest trend in home baking services across India. 

Their feeds were full of vivid and custom cakes. The cake designs that could leave anyone awestruck with their creativity. I came to know that these chefs make their cakes without any professional help. A lot of them were even selling online pastries through food apps. 

Yet, the one thing that popped into my mind was – “How do they reach out to people in such competition?”, “Do they have a customized online ordering system for their cake baking services?”, and “How do they keep up with all the orders?”.

The realization hit me hard when I thought an in-house “Online Ordering System” would be the best answer to all my questions.

Why do Cake Bakers Need an Online Ordering Facility?

The bakery industry is constantly evolving. There are creative discoveries every other year. From gradient cakes to grand fondant cakes, the innovation never ends. 

However, what if your cake baking business involves both creativity and restaurant technology? Well, that could become an interesting combination. 

Many people have heard about an online ordering system for restaurants. But, what does an in-house online ordering facility mean for cake bakers? Well, in simpler words you can have your own branded website, pay zero commission, have an easy digital payment option, and you can stand out amongst all your competitors.

You may need online ordering services for the below reasons:

Keeping Up With The Orders

Restaurants usually have expensive software to keep up with their customers’ orders. However, this is not a feasible option if you have just established your cake baking business. Keeping memos and reminders may help but these options are not user-friendly. 

In this case – what can you, as a cake baker, do? An online ordering system can help you by allowing your customers to place orders through the personalized website. 

Grubly allows you  to receive an order and confirm it.  You and your customers can get notifications through your SMS. The website also saves all the orders that can help you to keep up with all the orders and work harder. 

Increasing Sales

Your potential customers may not know about all the bakery items that you sell. This can reduce your sales and affect your cake baking business.

An online ordering website allows your customers to know about all the items you bake and sell. Now, you may wonder if this is possible with printing a digital menu for your customers. Yet, you may have to send it to customers time and again. Your potential buyers may also have to search for a digital menu. 

On the other hand, just a link to your website can help them know more about you. Grubly provides home bakers with a QR-code. Your customers can also scan that QR and visit your website. 

It also allows you to add pictures or upload items easily through your phone. 

Managing Work

It gets hard to manage the cake baking business along with daily chores.” – (@Sweetcluster2)

An online ordering website can help take off all the extra loads from your head by providing you with quick. It can reduce the time taken for taking orders online. It can also make digital payment easy.

Thus, an online ordering website can help you make your cake baking business easy-going. 

Standing Out

Out of every 10 home bakers’ accounts I visited on Instagram, only 1 of them had a fully functioning online ordering website to sell their custom cakes and online pastry

Thus, it shows how an online ordering website can help you stand out amongst all the other home bakers. You can take a look at a website of the client “Bellezoe” created by Grubly.

Additionally, through this website, you can offer excellent services to your customers during a dedicated time slot. This will help win hearts along with the stomachs of your customers!

Easy Digital Payment

Due to the current pandemic scenario, customers do not prefer hard cash. Many of them are also hesitant about giving out their card details and slow transactions. 

Through the website’s digital payment option, your customers’ bank details will be confidential. The transactions will be quick and you will get to know about all your earnings easily.

We, at Grubly, offer digital payment through credit card, debit card, internet banking, or UPI directly to your bank account. 

Thus, an in-house online ordering can make your cake baking business fast, efficient, secure, and customer-friendly.

Benefits of Online Ordering System

There are various benefits of an in-house online ordering system for your baking services or cake shop. These benefits are:

  • Branded mobile website 
  • Allows you to sell more cakes, pastries, and other bakery items
  • Offers easy digital payment services
  • Regulates your baking business
  • Updating and editing your items as per your wishes
  • Reminds you and your customers about an order through text notification
  • Allows customers to book in advance
  • Has all your contact details for more customer convenience 
  • Allows you to take a look at all the previous orders and maintain records
  • Makes you stand out amongst other bakers

And the best part? Grubly allows you to access all these features at a reasonable rate along with a free trial. You can check out our website.


As the world advances technologically, it is necessary to keep up. So, your own online ordering website can help you and your customers to stay updated and make the online ordering of cakes easy.  

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