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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Grubly can help you do more. How to do more business online, engage with your customers and save time ? All of these answers listed below.

Online Food Ordering - How to ? Frequently Asked Questions


What is Grubly ?

Grubly is a simple and affordable system for local and online food ordering.

With Grubly, you get following.

– Your own branded online ordering mobile site.

– You can add & manage your contact details, product categories, products, photos through a simple web portal.

– We will provide you a QR Code which you can share with your customers. They can scan it using their mobile phone camera and get your product list right on their phone. Everything contactless.

– You & your customers will immediately receive an order confirmation notification via SMS and email.

– You can accept payments online via Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking or UPI directly to your bank A/C.

Who is Grubly for ?

With Grubly, small businesses can focus on doing more for less. You don’t need to spend on IT or managing hardware or computers. Everything works from your smart phone or any internet connected device.

Grubly is for :

  • Restaurants / Cafes
  • Bakeries / Home Bakers
  • Ice Cream / Dessert Shops
  • Small Sweet Shops / Kiosks
  • Bars

What does commission free really mean ?

If you are a restaurant / cafe and are using food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato, Deliveroo, Eats etc., per order they take a cut or commission that varies from 5-50% based on the items, location and time of the day.


With Grubly, there is no per transaction charge. It doesn’t matter you do a single transaction or thousands. With Grubly, only charge that is applicable is affordable monthly subscription fee.


*Note : There can be about 2% + Tax charged by payment services provider if you choose online payment. These charges are not applied but Grubly but payment services provider themselves.

Why should I try it ?

Data suggests that more than 60% users now research online about the services they need. It could be just about browsing menu or products, looking up for location, identifying the availability hours or may be just getting to know more.


Grubly gives you very own branded mobile site. You control everything. Right from your branding, theme colors, layouts, product photos, pricing to everything that a customer sees. Grubly is by default optimized for search engines and social media platforms. So anything that you put up there is Google / Bing ready.


With everything – products, sales, payments and customers in one place, you can save yourself lot of time.  Plus it provides you with intelligence on what item works well and provides you a way to be in touch with your customers.

How is it different from POS ?

Traditional PoS (point of sale) systems generally are generally offline.

They provide you a local way to manage inventories, sales, products and orders data. In a traditional environment, customer walks in, they order in person and you punch in the data in PoS.

Grubly is a new generation system that extends your PoS so that you can do everything at any time from anywhere.

And it doesn’t cost you as much as your PoS. 🙂

Pricing, Support & Other Questions

Is there a free trial ?

Yes – for sure.

Grubly comes with a full 60 days free trial. No credit card or debit cards required.

Go sign up. And start selling your products online in just 20 mins flat.

How much will it cost ?

Our mission is to empower small and medium businesses to do more business online.

Grubly doesn’t charge any commissions or put a limit on number of transactions. For a small monthly, you can use everything to manage your business online.

*We are yet to officially announce our pricing. But it won’t break your bank. That’s a promise.

What support will I get ? Is there any charge ?

You will get our super responsive support via email and chat. We are available in India business hours from 10 am – 6 pm (Mon to Fri). You can reach out to us via our support desk or email.

We would be happy to assist. There is no charge for our support. We are a message away.