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How to prepare your restaurant for the post-Covid world?

The vaccine is here, and the Covid threat seems to be nearing it’s end, but what does that mean for restaurant owners?  

In this article, we’ll discuss how the Restaurants need to adapt themselves for the post-Covid world. 

What’s changed?

1. Safety will still be the priority 

  • People just aren’t the same anymore with how they make purchase decisions and what carries more priority,  
  • It used to be that the most important aspect was the quality of your food, but arguably today what’s more important is how clean your place is, and whether you follow all the WHO guidelines or not. 
  • Customers are used to finding hand sanitizers and gloves worn by employees, which encourages a sense of safety, this behaviour is very likely to stay. 
  • For restaurants, this means that they have to be very conscious of how they handle food safety and communicate these efforts to the customers to build and maintain customer loyalty and trust. 

2. People will look for you online

  • As suggested by morgan Stanley, food delivery has seen a massive uplift in the market, many years’ worth of progress was seen in just a few months,  
  • to put this into perspective, while the global economy has seen a downfall, the Food delivery industry has seen a growth of 3.88 billion USD this year. 
  • In 2020, more than 53% of orders are placed online when compared to less than 25% in 2016, and projections show that this number will only grow, 
  •  So, it’s no wonder that the first place people will look for you is online and restaurants need to make sure that they keep their business updated online, maintain their profiles on social media, and most importantly have a robust online ordering system. 
  • According to a study by National Restaurant Association, more than 60% of the Millennials want restaurants to use technologies to make online ordering more convenient, 
  • And while you can use an ordering platform, they charge up to 30% in commissions on each order, 
  • Having your own online ordering system alleviates this cost entirely, and allows customers order from you directly. 

3. Slowly things will go back to normal

  • Think about it, people who didn’t know how to cook or were dependant on takeaway services, during lockdowns, had to learn home cooking,  
  • A survey by states that 40% of the people said that they will be more reliant on home cooking, and 60% will be less likely to go to restaurants even after the pandemic is over, 
  • This means regulars who would often choose to eat outside, are now cooking themselves or ordering delivery,  This also strengthens the upcoming projected increase in online food ordering.  
  • So, don’t expect people to come rushing through the door just yet, the fall back towards normality will be gradual in the coming months. 

4. More digital interaction

  • Social distancing has provided a push towards restaurants using new technologies to minimise human interaction, 
  • In 2020, restaurant technologies and innovation has seen huge developments, and according to, the industry has seen 3 years’ worth of innovation in just 5 months,
  • Technologies like QR based menus and contactless payment has not just proven effective in minimizing human contact, but also as it turns out are very cost-effective and time-saving. 
  • This means that technologies like online ordering systems are becoming the latest trend in the industry and for good reason. 
  • So today, restaurants need to adapt and integrate themselves to these technologies, to ensure that they are ahead of the game. 


  • It is beyond question at this point that digital technologies are going to be the cornerstone of the restaurant business in the post-Covid world,  
  • For restaurants, this spells opportunity to go digital and establish their business online.  
  • And that is something we can help you out with, so check out Grubly and know more about restaurant technologies and how they can help you prepare your restaurant for the post-Covid world. 
  • Grubly offers a complete online ordering system, with contactless payment, QR based menus, and a customizable mobile website, which will ensure that your business is going to be ready for 2021.

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