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Online Food Ordering: How Does It Work?

Online food ordering for growing your restaurant business.

Online food ordering is one of the simplest ways for people to order food online through the restaurant or food services.

The customers can skim through the restaurant’s menu and order the dishes they wish to eat. Once they have placed their order, the food is delivered to their places without any inconvenience or hassle.

According to research by Mintel, about 57% of the millennial prefer ordering online and staying in to watch movies and TV shows. 

This makes online food ordering a must-have facility for every restaurant owner trying to make a place and to grow their online presence in the restaurant industry. 

This blog post will discuss: 

  • Why go for online food ordering
  • Why choose Grubly over other Food Delivery Platforms
  • How online food ordering at Grubly works
  • Cloud Kitchen.

Why go for an Online Food Ordering Facility?

Traditionally, the restaurant owners were skeptical about investing their money in online ordering facilities. The huge amount of commissions, extra charges for delivery men, gas and petrol prices, and the less popularity of online ordering. 

However, times have changed. Some customers prefer to have a dine-in experience, there are plenty of other customers willing to order in and staying in the comfort of their own homes.

With COVID-19 pandemic in place, where consumers are advisable to #stayhome to #stayprotected, stepping out of the house and dine-in at restaurant has become a dream.

This calls for restaurant owners to take the lead and establish themselves in the online ordering market because, in order to sustain and generate more revenue and profits, one has to be updated.

There are known food delivery platforms in the market like UberEats, GrubHub,  Zomato, Swiggy, and more….

 However, restaurant owners have certain challenges to work with them as: –

  • High Commission
  • Doesn’t reveal customer data
  • Holds the amount for certain period
  • No restaurant branding
  • No direct relationships with customers
  • And more and more….

 So, we (at Grubly) took it to ourselves to talk with restaurant owners and try to understand their point of view. How to have an ONLINE FOOD ORDERING SYSTEM at place in favor of restaurant owners without burning their pockets and help them to sustain and grow in such times.

Why choose Grubly?

Grubly is one of the growing and evolving Online Food Ordering Systems. With its customer-friendly interface and reasonable pricing rates, restaurant owners can definitely step-up their online ordering services with Grubly. It’s Safe, Easy, Convenient and Affordable, which means it costs you a lot more not to use it. 

Given below are a few differences between Grubly and food delivery platforms for easy understanding. 

GrublyFood Delivery Platforms
(UberEats / GrubHub /Zomato/Swiggy)
Commission-free services.30-40% Commission
Branded mobile websiteNo branding possible
Restaurant Owners have full controlRestaurant Owners doesn’t have full control
Get access to all Customer DataNo access of Customer Data
Gives Customized experience to clientsCustomization is not possible
Customer Loyalty is achievableNo Customer Loyalty possible
Grubly v/s Other Food Delivery Platforms

How Online Food Ordering at Grubly works?

Taking orders online or ordering food online is an easy task once you get the gist of it and have reliable resources like an online payment facility, proper website, correct and relevant information, and a customer-friendly interface.

 Let’s take a look at how Grubly works. 

How Grubly works

 How can customers place an order through grubly?

  1. Visit the website of the restaurant / cafe by a QR code scan or direct link.

2. Order Online or book a table

On the homepage of the restaurant, the customer can click on the option ‘Order Online’ or ‘Book a table’.

Online order with Grubly
Order online or make a reservation

The customer can click on the option he/she wishes to select.

Here we will choose ‘Order Online’.

3. Choose a dish

Contactless menu with Grubly
Contactless Menu

The customer can choose the dish as per his/her choice from the extensive menu and click ‘Add’.

For more information about the restaurant, some services also provide contact numbers of the restaurant. 

 4. Choose the time, payment mode and proceed to order

Online Order pickup time with Grubly
Choose your pickup order

 The customer can select the pickup time accordingly. 

The customer can choose the payment mode – like cash, online payment through PayPal, credit or debit cards, or other options available.

Payment options with Grubly
Fill the details and confirm you order before you check out

Once, the customer proceeds, the order is sent to the restaurant.

The restaurant can then work on the preparation of food and view the other specifications and orders.

The restaurant can notify the customers through the customer’s contact information, once they are done. As per the pick-up time, the customer can pick up their orders.

 Cloud Kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of online ordering services is for cloud kitchen restaurants. In simpler words, cloud kitchen restaurants have only delivery facilities with no dine-in option. 

Their entire profit is based on online delivery services. A single cloud kitchen restaurant can also start establishing various brands with different food cuisine by using the same kitchen facilities. 

This can help them in achieving more profits and make a name for their restaurant in many cuisines. 

Thus, Grubly can help Cloud kitchen owners in increasing their branding and online presence through various facilities and customizations. 

Now, it is in the hands of the restaurant owners to decide which online ordering service suits their needs better. 

In the end, it is a well-planned marketing strategy that will open doors for the restaurant/cafe owners. 

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