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Restaurant Management System: A Complete Guide

Find out everything related to a restaurant management system.

Today the world is all about technology. Be it retail or restaurants, it has taken over every possible business out there. Additionally, the majority of restaurants are no longer following the traditional ways of taking orders and other services. 

Restaurant management system – a type of software, has helped in bringing about a restaurant revolution and changing the way the hotel industry works. 

In this article, we will cover every possible aspect of a restaurant management system to make things easier for you. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Restaurant Management System?
  2. Components of a Restaurant Management System
  3. Best Features of a Restaurant Management System
  4. Benefits of having a Restaurant Management System

What is a Restaurant Management System?

Before we begin talking about everything else, it is necessary to understand what exactly is a restaurant management system. 

“Restaurant Management System is a collective software that helps in streamlining various food-related business operations.” 

In simpler words, it is a software system that can help in managing your restaurant, be it a cafe or a cloud kitchen, effectively through technology. 

A restaurant management system combines the working of a POS software with additional features like: 

  • Digital table reservations
  • Phone call management
  • QR-based menus
  • An online food ordering system for restaurants
  • Marketing techniques like loyalty programs
  • Billing and analytics

The above-mentioned features and software combine to form an excellent restaurant management system. 

Components of a Restaurant Management System

There are certain types of restaurant software that act as components of the restaurant management system. We will take a proper look at these components one by one. 

  1. POS Software

One of the most important components of an RMS is POS software. This software helps in taking orders from your customers, saving their data, and analyzing what items are best for your restaurant. 

POS software is an essential part of marketing campaigns as well. If you have your customer’s data, you can reach out to them through their emails and SMS. This helps in notifying them about the latest deals and offers. 

Some of its benefits include:

  • Retrieval of customer data
  • Can be used at anytime and anywhere
  • Proper security of personal customer data
  • Helps in the analysis of your restaurant’s performance
  1. An Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Apart from POS software, an online ordering website or application is yet another important aspect of a restaurant management system. 

An in-house online ordering system can help restaurants to take orders directly from their customers without having to pay hefty commission fees. In fact, statistics say that 70% of the Americans would rather go for an in-house ordering facility than a third party service. 

Grubly can assist you in setting up your own online ordering website with various facilities to make everything easier for you. 

You can check out how an in-house ordering facility works here. 

Some of its benefits are:

  • Commission-free services
  • Easy retrieval of customer data
  • Free marketing opportunity
  • Increased branding
  • Better customer relations and bonding
  1. Table Reservation System

The table reservation system is a need of the hour, especially due to the COVID-19 crisis. This system can allow customers to book their tables online and ensure proper social distancing measures. 

Additionally, it can also allow you and your employees to sanitize and clean the tables as per the reservation. 

 Some of its benefits are: 

  • Ensures safety
  • Easy customer management
  • Less waiting lines and hours
  1. Order Management System

An online order management system can allow your restaurant to take orders online either through your own website or through third-party food services. 

This system can ensure the proper working of your restaurant and customer satisfaction by delivering and serving just the right dish at the right time!

  1. RMS Marketing

Did you know that you can also use a restaurant management system for your restaurant’s marketing? You can do it in three ways as given below. 

  1. Through CRM Management

CRM management allows you to keep your customers fully updated through messaging or email services. 

Once a customer contacts your restaurant, the RMS stores the information in the actual database. Now, whenever there is an announcement, it fetches that customer data and sends the information accordingly. 

  1. Through Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are another type of restaurant marketing. Through loyalty programs, you can offer your loyal and consistent customers with the best of the deals. 

This can help you in retaining your customer base for long. 

  1. Through Restaurant Application 

If you have your own in-built restaurant app through an RMS, you can market your restaurant by notifying your customers regarding deals and offers. This can be done by allowing push notifications and encouraging your customers to get the app. 

So, these five applications and software form the entire composition of an RMS. 

Features of an Efficient Restaurant Management System

If you’re looking for an efficient restaurant management system, there are certain features you need to look out for. They are given below. 

  • Sales Tracking

No business can survive properly without taking note of the budget, expenses, and earnings.

An efficient RMS should be able to track transactions and let you give in in-depth detail about your sales. For example, through this, you can come to know which is the best-selling item and which is not. 

  • User-friendliness

It is essential to have an EMS that is user-friendly and has proper readability. If your website or app is too complicated, customers may get annoyed and switch over to other restaurants. 

This can result in huge losses. 

  • Easy Menu Changes

One of the best advantages of an EMS is you get to edit the menu card easily without any printing costs. 

However, if your RMS is too complicated, you may have difficulties in editing your menu. This can lead to a delay. 

  • Controlling Inventory

You may wonder what does controlling inventory mean? Well, in simple terms, whenever a dish is sold, your RMS subtracts that dish from the inventory. 

There are many other features you need to look out for before going for a restaurant management system. 

Benefits of Having a Restaurant Management System

If you’re confused about whether you should go for a restaurant management system or not, take a look at some of the excellent benefits of it.

#1 Building Customer Relations

For any business to strive, one should be able to build customer relations. A restaurant management system can allow you to do so by offering you features like loyalty programs, online feedback section, payment options, etc. 

#2 Tracking Orders and Amount

Checking your profits and noting them down every day can get tedious. However, with a restaurant management system, you can easily analyze your daily profits and results. 

You can also see which dish is faring the best and which one is the least-bought one. 

#3 Reduced Errors

Going digital can help you in reducing all types of manual errors. For example, there will be no issue in taking the order. 

#4 Overall Efficient Management 

Lastly, a restaurant management system can help you in providing overall efficient management. It can help you in taking orders, understanding and analyzing the restaurant’s performance, table bookings, online ordering, and whatnot!


In conclusion, getting a restaurant management system is up to you. However, we strongly recommend getting one as it has plenty of advantages that can help your restaurant thrive even in the worst of times. 

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