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Branded online ordering mobile site for your cafe, restaurant or home food business.

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Go Digital. Control your online presence.

Don't pay hefty commissions to food delivery services for your online presence.

Magical QR code that links to your mobile website.

Offer digital menus. Make it contact-less.

Accept order commission-free orders online.

Grubly - Food Ordering - Contactless Menu
Roastery Cultur - Ahmedabad - QR Code

Scan this QR code to view demo site.

How it works ?

Simple, easy and efficient

650 - The Global Kitchen Preview
Step 1 – We create your QR code based mobile site.

Just give us the link to your menus. We will create your beautiful site with QR code. Your site – your control.

QR Ordering - Grubly - Food Menu
Step 2 – Guest scans the QR code.

Guest Scan's QR Code placed on the table with his / her mobile phone. No physical contact required. Guests views the site and goes to menu.

View food menu
Step 3 – Guest browses the menu.

Guest browses the digital menu with pictures and description without downloading any app. No printing costs.

Grubly - Waiter taking order
Step 4 – Staff takes the order.

Staff takes order as they would in routine. No POS integration or no connectivity challenges.

Benefits of using Online Ordering System

Save menu printing costs.
Your branded website. No dependency on Zomato / Swiggy / UberEats.
Digital menus with photos and text
No app download. Simple scan and view.
Unlimited changes to menu. No additional costs.
No website required. Save on hosting / server bandwidth costs.
Beautiful layouts with photo gallery.
Start collecting commission free payments

What Are Users Saying?

“I am using this services for my two restaurants for pickup / delivery. I am a non-tech person and I am impressed by how easy it is. I don't have to do a thing.”

Sujit M

Founder, WeServe

What are users saying ?

“Simple and easy for my guests. That's what I think makes sense. I am excited to see how it delivers promised value.”

Mike M.

Cafe Owner, Coffee Cultur


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